What are the Recent Changes in Chinese Clothing?

20When it comes to Chinese clothing, it does not only look elegant but it also communicates its own vitality and symbolizes culture as well. As a matter of fact, there have been archeological remains such as shells with holes in them, bone sewing needles and stone beads which indicates that there was already the use of ornamentation and sewing. The colors found in the clothes was something that was found to be normal. As a matter of fact, for every season there was already a color that was assigned.

Here are the kinds of things that you will find in Chinese clothing in the earlier times: contrasting and coordinating colors shades was used in apparels, favored darker colors and a fully developed system of matching. The act of combining the more modern fashion aesthetics and the ancient symbols of good fortune is what you will be seeing in the modern Chinese clothing these days. There are already masks of Chinese opera characters, lions and deities as well in the modern chinese dressclothing which means that you have a lot of options to choose from.  As a matter of fact, the modern clothing is making use of applique bronzes and designs from the ancient clothing. Another change that has been added in the clothing so that it will be modernized is the merge of the new age styles and fabrics with the motifs, prints, embroideries and weaves from the ancient culture.

The fact cannot be denied that the unusual and distinctive designs such as the cloud embroideries and the dragon for the robes of the emperors have been forgotten but you will be able to see them now in the modern clothes. Similar data about this are disclosed at http://www.mahalo.com/clothing. These are the kinds of designs and motifs that symbolize ancient culture and are beautiful as well. It is believed that the five cloud design and the nine dragon design will be able to bring good fortune to the person who is wearing the clothing.

The traditional customs and designs is actually the reason as to why there are modern Chinese clothing these days. The modern time of today, you will be able to see that there are men that will be wearing refined traditional long gown and this is a manifestation of the modern clothing. But you should know that these are the kinds of changes that are also applicable to the clothing of the women. For sure you will be able to notice that the changes in the modern clothing seems to be endless such as the changes on the ornamentation, height, width and length. The great thing about the modern changes in their clothing is the fact that they are not the only ones benefit but they are also able to give benefits to other countries. If ever you need details on qipao, you can go to the link for it.

What are the Recent Changes in Chinese Clothing?

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